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Welcome to the Folk Museum in Kolbuszowa!

Our open-air museum consists of charming villages from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. They present the culture of Lasowiacy and Rzeszowiacy ethnic groups, who inhabited the area of the northern part of the present Subcarpathian Voivodeship. In the open-air museum, you can see a world that no longer exists, learn the fascinating stories of people living here and understand the peasant soul.

On almost 30 hectares, we present over 80 objects of wooden architecture. They include cottages, stables, cowsheds, pigsties, henhouses, barns, granaries, horse mill, hay barrack, rural industry buildings like a watermill, windmills, forges, oil mill and pottery, and also public buildings - a school, tavern and fire station. The oldest buildings are: a manor house from Brzeziny from 1753, a manorial granary from Bidziny from 1784, a barn from Markowa from 1804 and a church from Rzochów built in 1843.

The buildings are presented in layout and environment similar to the original. Individual objects are set up in homesteads according to the layout of the places where they were originally built, and recreating the spatial arrangements of traditional villages. They are in a natural landscape of gardens, orchards and bee yards, fields, meadows, ponds, surrounded by greenery and forest. In some of the farms there are animals. The exhibition is complemented by demonstrations of traditional crafts as well as farm and field work.

Most residential and farm building interiors are decorated with equipment appropriate for the place and time they represent, showing everyday activities of their inhabitants. For example, bread baking is displayed in a cottage from Markowa, the work of a sculptor and luthier - in a cottage from Jeziórko, a shoemaker - in a cottage from Żołynia Dolna, a weaver - in a cottage from Wola Zarczycka, a toy maker - in a cottage from Brzóza Stadnicka, and preparations for Christmas Eve in the Szylar cottage from Markowa. The life of an activist and folk politician Jan Sobek from Handzlówka, which is presented in a cottage from Budziwój, is a picture of the community life of the old village.

There will be a forest settlement with a park soon.

It is an ideal place for all those seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

We offer a wide array of cultural events and educational activities, especially the folk crafts and regional cuisine presentations within the “Every Sunday on the Farm” series of events, held from June through August.
“Prowincja” Café welcomes all guests!

Have a nice time!

The Folk Museum in Kolbuszowa
ul. Kościuszki 6
36-100 Kolbuszowa

The Ethnographic Park
ul. Wolska 36
36-100 Kolbuszowa

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